Promo items : Maggi crayfish, Knorr chicken by 25, Nasco Exotic cream biscuits, Simas butter, Kelloggs Moon & Stars, Tilapia fish, Napa Tuna fish, Ritz Jollof seasoning, Gino Onion peppe. Cous Cous. We deliver to Lagos every Thursday.

Our Operations


* Foodlocker will operate a proprietary order fulfillment network. That system, created at Foodlocker, allows us to deliver orders to you (our esteemed customers) within 24 hours.

* Foodlocker's order delivery system already understands that our customers are busy and highly-engaged professionals. Hence, our delivery technology provides for delivery windows that allow customers to specify (within allowable constraints) when they want to receive their orders.

* When an order is placed via Foodlocker's website (, we will inform customers about the expected shipment time and the expected arrival time of their orders

* Foodlocker will allow customers to buy in-store, order online and receive wherever they are or order online and collect in-store.